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We are now offering a unique concept where an owner who sells a business or a real estate investor sells a property and defers the capital gains tax to future years.  A structured installment sale where the proceeds are transferred to an index annuity.  The installments are decided upon and the annuity is structured in advance.  The concept falls under IRC Seciont 453.  The IStructure Annuity can be used for the following transactions.

Plan ahead before you sell your business or your invesment real estate.  Contact Corey Callaway for more information.  

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We all seem to have a unique picture of prosperity. For one person, it may be the freedom to quit a job or independence that lasts as long as they do. For another, it may mean supporting a good cause. It might mean leaving a nest egg for the next generation, or building a company to leave to them. Some may think of a big house, big boat, or a big world to travel. Most likely, your unique vision of prosperity includes a combination of these things and others. But no matter what your definition is, one thing is certain: you want the resources to put your money where your priorities are. Callaway can help. These days, it seems like there are as many different financial instruments as there are dreams of prosperity. With so many choices, it’s hard to know how to divide your assets to get the return you want with the security you need. Luckily, Callaway Financial Services has spent decades navigating these choices, so no matter what your needs, we’ll be there. Here’s a comprehensive sampling of what we can help you with: At Callaway, we realize that there’s no single strategy that works for everyone. You’re unique, with different goals, income, debts, risk tolerance, tax situation, dependents, charitable concerns, health issues all your own. That’s why we take the time to listen to you. We understand your individuality and will work with you to structure the right financial strategy for you on your terms.

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The world of investment and savings has changed. During the 1980s and 1990s, the conventional wisdom was to invest for the long term. Always buy and hold, and you’ll be fine. During the biggest bull market of our times, that strategy worked, and it worked quite well. But since 2000, we have had to live with a volatile bear market, an environment in which “buy and hold” just doesn’t work anymore. We have learned that “buy and hold” served the mutual fund industry and large wire houses – but not the most important party, you, the investor.

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Choosing an investment professional is a very personal decision with far-reaching effects. It can make a difference for you, your family, your employees and their families. If you choose Callaway Financial Services as your partner, we promise to do our very best for you, with integrity. Learn more about our perspective and the experienced Callaway team.

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