What We Do

Financial Planning.  Pretty scary isn’t it? 

A sea of choices, rough market waters, feeling alone and adrift on a vast ocean of risks, a constant sea of change.  All you want is to reach your financial goal (and to be able to sleep at night).  So how do you reach the financial harbor of your dreams – whether that is a small business, your kid’s education or retiring in Costa Rica – without feeling like you’re sinking?

How about a little help?  In fact, how about of lot of it?  At Callaway Financial Services, we combine old-fashioned service with cutting-edge analytics.  Our goal is to help you sail smoothly to your planned financial destination.

With 39 years in the business, we at Callaway Financial have decades of experience navigating people like you to their desired financial position.  We not only take the time to talk to you; we take the time to listen to you as well.

But, there in again comes the change.  Times have changed dramatically since we began in business.  Many of you do not want to talk to an advisor one on one.  Therefore we have altered our business to accommodate you.  We have the tools for you to set your own path.  And we will be here to guide you in the event you need a life preserver or a tug boat to pull and steer you in the right direction.

Our philosophy is still simple:  Giving small shop service combined with today’s technology and tools.  We provide a high-tech navigational system for your wealth.  And we accommodate our society’s sea of change, by making ourselves available when you need us.

We’d love to sit down with you and hear your dreams.  We have provided for you the tools to build a sound financial “ship” together or on your own.  Your ship will be as unique as your vision of prosperity.  You may begin your journey on your own or you can contact us today and begin the journey to your dreamed-of destination.