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You Need to Keep Track of Your Investments

The purpose of the title of this blog is to bring up a relatively new concern that you should be ...
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Making the right decision in a rising interest rate environment

For the last thirty-five years we have watched interest rates gradually drop. In the last ten years we have watched ...
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The Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule, what it may mean to you

For the last two years, my industry has been on edge for the coming regulations that will affect how we ...
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Property tax exemptions, are you taking advantage of them?

Home ownership in America has been one of the cornerstones of our economy. When we purchase a home, we spend ...
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A Primer on Rapid Retirement Planning: The Q & A

Presented as a typical interview Q: Corey, we are from the same age cohort, early 50s, and I find myself well ...
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The Challenge of Student Debt and Financial Planning

How we arrived here is the subject of many thoughts and opinions as to whether by extreme inflationary costs of ...
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Educate Your Children Now . . . . . or Get Wiped Out Later!

I want to thank a friend and business associate, David Reas, for the title. This blog refers to educating your ...
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When you are ready to begin investing, there is an important aspect to improve your odds for long term success. ...
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Saving for Retirement: How to Find the Money

I am old enough to recall the rather weak urging of our federal government as it warned us back in ...
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Cyber Security

Face it folks, there are many people from many countries that want your money and or want your information. These ...
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Investing Basics – Getting Started

Investing can sound cool and exciting to some terrifying to others.  And many of us jump into investments head first ...
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401(k)s, diminished wealth, and FASB

By: Corey Callaway, ANN publisher Before I step on my soapbox, I wish to make my disclaimer. If you have ...
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