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Stock market display on tablet computer

A Little Bit Of History Was Made Thursday February 22nd

I was quite surprised that this was barely mentioned in the news.   On October 1, 1989, the Nikkei 225 stock ...
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Emus and Other Risky Fad Investments

In my 40 plus year career I have been a securities broker and an investment advisor representative.  Whenever someone found ...
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The REDDIT Rebellion – Putting the Squeeze on Traditional Capitalism

A group of retail investors banded together last week and took on the Hedge Funds in an act just like ...
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The Perils of Investing in Real Estate

After much thought I decided to rerun this blog.  It is an oldie and an extremely interesting unbelievably true story.  ...
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The Perils of Real Estate Investing Part II

It was later in the year when I wrote about my past real estate investment saga.  Since the revelation of ...
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Damsels in Distress

Recently a young widow was referred to my firm by a CPA.  Her name was Maria and she needed money ...
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What happens to you when you lose your most valuable asset?

Insurance is not a subject anyone wants to talk about.  Disability insurance is discussed even less.  The reason I am ...
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Women, Money and the Confidence Gap Part 3

The following is part three of my blog regarding women and finance.  And once again, please do not be offended ...
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Women, Money and Confidence Part 2

In continuance of last week’s blog, Women’s low confidence hurts them in the workplace, financially and in other life achievements.  ...
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Serial Squatters and Serial Evictees

I am a bit late writing about this, but felt compelled to add to the story. From the TV news ...
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Women, Money and Confidence

Some time ago I was reading an article from Investment Advisor Magazine that discussed a book “The Confidence Code: The ...
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Your Digital Assets Part 3

The prior two blogs detailed the potential problems and concerns of ignoring your digital assets. This blog provides you bullet ...
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