Investment Strategies

Data Gathering Why do you need to know about my finances, can you not just give me some investment ideas?

Due to the nature of our industry, working directly with individual’s finances, and having tremendous regulatory oversite upon us, we are required to ask many questions about you.  There are many who wish to keep their information private and refuse to disclose pertinent data to us.  At Callaway we do respect your privacy.  We take due care in securing your information.  And we understand that there are some who will not disclose any information to us no matter what.  We still respect that choice.  

I like to keep all of my information to myself.

Unfortunately, in that case we cannot make any recommendations without proper information.  We could place an investor in a precarious situation by making a recommendation without correct information.  For those that will not disclose information, we can only be order takers and not advisors.  

I do not mind presenting you my financial information as long as it is secure.

We are ready to help those who will disclose to us the information we need.  Please remember, the more information and the correctness of that information the better we can advise.  The old phrase “garbage in garbage out” still applies. By presenting your information to us on our advisory tools located on the website we can begin your journey.