See how my video compares to Fox Business’ video news segment.

In the last two month’s I have been running an advertisement on Facebook. I have a video of myself comparing many people who are betting on the lottery for their financial future versus planning a financially sound future.

If you go to the following link, http://my.accessmobilewebsite.com/m/41630, you will see my video and if you would like, continue to my financial planning tool that is located on my website. Or you can watch the video for comparison only.

When I say watch the video in comparison, I am referring to the Fox Business news segment that details the same comparison of winning the lottery vs. a sound financial plan. See the video link below.


The Fox Business video appeared a month after my advertisement began. I find it amusing and coincidental Fox Business is thinking along the same lines as me. Or me as them. But I was first.

To wrap my message up, you need to start planning now and stop wasting your money on the lottery.

Some of you are a spending a part of the $73.8 billion each year on the Lottery with virtually no chance of a successful outcome. Your odds are much better to start a sound financial plan today.

I do have a planning tool available online. It also has a debt planning module for those of you who may be upside down and do not think you can ever begin to save for your future.

Start planning for your future today

Corey N. Callaway

Investment Advisor Representative

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